Here at Chewy’s we are delighted to share with you our new and exciting venture… Adornchewy
First off, let me share with you my story. This time last year I found myself in the unfortunate position of facing chemotherapy due to being diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time! The thought of loosing my hair sent me into panic, so when my cousin told me she had found this girl in Gloucester that made custom-made bespoke wigs I was immedidietly intrigued to say the least!
My cousin arranged an appointment with Jay, who runs Adorn by Jay… We were greeted with the largest smile at a time when I needed it most… this lady asured me… “I got you girl“
were her actually words… She made me the most beautiful unit that was a perfect colour match and thickness to my own hair. I was amazed at how just like my own hair it actually was, I said to her when I’ve finished my treatment we are going to show the world this service and together we really believe we can make a impact on people’s lives who also affected by heir loss as I was.
We believe there is lots of like minded women out there who have to experience the dreaded hair loss  through cancer or other reasons… These woman still want to remain glamorous through the treatment process and this is why Chewy’s is so so excited to be going into business with Adorn by Jay and launching Adornchewy!
Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for some exciting of regarding the launch of this amazing business!
Lisa & jay
Adornchewy 💋