I have been working at chewy’s hair and beauty for 2 and half years, I started here as a salon assistant and my role here is very important as I have a big responsibility in helping the salon day to run smoothly and ensuring my colleagues have everything they need. 💞
I also go above and beyond to make sure all clients have the best experience! 😊

I believe my strong point at chewy’s is whilst I wash clients hair I offer a reflexing head massage. 💆🏼‍♀ (which every client, of course, says yes too! ☺)
However, I will be starting a new role here as a receptionist which I am thoroughly looking forward to and feel I will excel in this position.

A fun fact about myself is that I am absolutely obsessed with the tv series
I can happily admit that I can resist most ( if not all) of the episodes word for word!
And people call me the chandler of the group! 🙃

My favourite product would have to be the bc silver shampoo as not only do I use it on my own hair, I also find it a very popular request from clients as they love the result it gives them as much as I do!