I have worked as a beauty therapist for just over 19 years and I am qualified in all level 2 and 3 beauty treatments.
I feel I have a wide range of knowledge within the industry and I have gained my experience working within health spas, salons and even onboard cruise ships.
I have been working at Chewys for just over  1 year now and I love working at the salon as it is a very friendly and welcoming salon and the team are amazing.
I love my job for many reasons but the main reason is that I get to meet lots of lovely people each with their own story to share, I love the fact that I’m able to build a rapport with my clients and we become more like friends each sharing our stories and giving advice whilst enjoying a treatment/service of their choice that they enjoy.
I feel that I specialise in gel nails as I like to be creative and try new ideas, I get excited to try out new colours and its a good excuse to have some fun with glitter too. I feel it gives an instant ‘feel good’ factor to you when you have your nails professionally manicured and painted and I love nothing more than to see a smile on my clients face when I have created the nails that they want and knowing I have made them happy from something I love doing. My clients like to come into the salon to chill and be pampered, I enjoy talking to my clients and I believe that, if you can make someone smile/laugh even for a minute then you’re doing a good job 👍
A fun fact about me is, I love to sing, loudly, in the shower, car, at home well anywhere, mostly out of tune and if you know me then you know I always get the words wrong and I just make my own words up as I go along, but I am a positive person and I keep telling myself ‘ sing like nobody’s listening ‘ cause practice makes perfect and one day I will be on that stage!!!
My favourite product within Chewys salon has to be our hand moisturiser as it smells like mango which is my favourite fruit and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth.
It’s definitely a winner!!!