Hi, my name’s Amy. I am one of the receptionists at Chewys hair and beauty salon. I have been here just under a year. I have two children who I absolutely adore! I love all things makeup and Beyoncé.

Fun fact- I really love food. All food. Every food there is. I’m yet to do an eating competition but I really think that’s probably my true calling in life. The amount I can eat is probably world record worthy.

What i love about my job- I really love talking. So, getting to chat with clients is a pleasure. Also, I get to see the before and after. So seeing the smile on people’s faces when they have their new hair, pretty nails or fresh brows is the best thing!

Specialist skill- I like to think my professional telephone voice is one of my strongest points but just beating that would be my customer service skills. I love making people feel welcome and making them feel like our salon is a happy place where they can really relax and unwind.

Fave product- If the lilac colour in my hair wasn’t a dead give away, I love anything that’ll help me maintain that purple loveliness to my hair. That’s why I love the BlondMe blush washes in lilac and silver. I can just pop it on my hair while I’m washing it, leave it in and then wash it out! When your a mum you need something that doesn’t take all day but makes you feel good. It freshens up my colour quickly and easily. Plus, they are great if you fancy an easy change that you can just wash out once you’re done!