Hi I’m Courtney

As a kid, I would always undo my friend’s plats at school and re-do them into different hairstyles (bet their mums were well happy when they got home)

Looking back I think this is where my love for hair started…

When you come to work and it doesn’t feel like work that’s when you know you’ve got the right job. I get to come to work and help people create their perfect hair and have a good chat too, these past 3 years at Chewy’s have flown by!

One thing that did feel like work, was retaking my driving theory test 5 times!! don’t worry I passed all my hairdressing exams no problem

Put ups are my PASSION! That’s when I can get really creative love when people bring me in different pictures to style their hair into and I’m able to try new techniques, so I’d have to say Osis+ dust it is my number 1 go to product for put ups and those bouncy waves!

Thank you for reading!