Here at Chewy’s Hair and Beauty… We pride ourselves on being a 5* salon offering quality Hair & Beauty service…
Let me introduce myself , my Journey started some 26 years ago and for as young as I can remember hairdressing was my passion. I am very proud and privileged to say I was trained by some world class amazing hairdressers 🏆🏆 My hairdressing Journey has taken me all over the world working from Ireland to Australia. I feel privileged to of been able to take my trade with me on my travels learning as I’ve travelled the world 🌍.
I always said I would only open a salon when I was able to offer a 5* salon, so this brings me to the birth of Chewys. As this is the name I’m known by most of my friends and even my children, It only seemed right that my first salon took this name. Opening our Doors December 2015 with the support of my partner Danny Wright, Chewys was born… And I can honestly say we haven’t looked back.

Over the coming weeks, let us take you on a up close and personal Journey of our wonderful team at Chewys given you a insight into what makes us who we are today. Letting you get to know us on a more personal level.

So as I’ve already mentioned, I’m Lisa Chew, and here is a little bit about me… I’ve been in the hairdressing Industry for 26 years, I’m the proud owner of chewys… I’m a mother of 3 Beautiful children and a Dachshund called Slinky 😂  In my spare time I’ve found a new love for watching football… And can even talk a good game  (Most of the time 😬)

Fun fact  –  I’ve completed 2 laps of Donnington Park race track as a sidecar passenger in full leathers

What I love about my job – Talking (You will always here me in the salon) Hairdressing is such a social job. taking comes with the Territory… But most of all… Making that client feel like there the most important person in the world!

Cutting would definitely be my strongest point… Pushing the boundaries… Taking cuts Beyond limits and exceeding clients expectations. My love for avant-garde hairdressing and fashion is definitely my drive when I have clients in my chair

This concludes my personal getting too know me section… But please follow our story’s over the coming weeks

Look out for the stylists/beauty offers in conjunction with our team story’s…

Thank you for reading!

Lisa 😍💛