hair extensions

We are Pleased to announce Chewy’s now offer Hair Extensions!
We use 100% Keratin tipped hair that is double drawn, this means the hair is the same thickness from root to tip.
This ensures that the density of the hair is the same all the way through. We only use Remy Hair this is because the cuticles are still intact and the hairs are all facing the same way which eliminates the matting or bunching of hair extensions.  Care should be taken when wearing your extensions by using the correct aftercare products and regular maintenance.

Consultations are a key part of the hair extensions process and they are complimentry and take around 30 minutes!
We will ensure that the extensions are suitable for your hair and with our proffessional colour hair extension swatch and go through and match your hair to the
correct colour. We take into consideration of any medical conditions and lifestyle.

Maintenance & Aftercare
Extensions do require regular care and maintenance which is why at the consultation we will inform you of the care regarding you washing the hair and the brushing routine.
We also provide the aftercare kit part of the hair extension package. It is compulsory to book a maintenance appointment where we would wash and blow dry your hair and check the hair
is not matting is still sitting as it should do.

Hair Extension Prices
50 Bonds – £225.00
100 Bonds – £365.00
150 Bonds – £550.00

Extension Blow Dry – £45.00
Cutting of Extension – £45.00

To Book your consultation please call our salon on 01452-221866.