Hey and welcome back to Chewy’s second Blog!

This Month I will be taking you through 3 different hairstyles using French plaits. These hairstyles are fun quick and easy to do if you are wanting that great look suitable for a day time or night time event. If you know how to French plait your hair but struggle to incorporate them into a style suitable for you that does not take a lot of time and you want to do yourself then this is for you!

Tools Needed;

  • Bobby Pins
  • Clear Bands
  • Pintail Comb
  • Sectioning Clips

Products Used;

  • Shwarzkopf refresh dust
  • Hairspray shwarzkopf Super dry fix

Video 1- French Plait messy bun

Step 1- Start by creating one large French plait down the middle of your hair starting at the front

Step 2– Stop when you reach your neck and tie it in a band, then grab the remaining hair in the pony tail and scrunch up to create your messy bun.

Step 3 – Then to finish to create a more relaxed messy plait start by loosely pulling the plait.

For a long lasting look finish off with using a hairspray to seal the style.


Video 2- French Plait Halo.

Step 1- Separate your hair from your parting into to sections. Then French plait each side of the sections right to the end of the hair and then tie them in a band when finished to secure and keep in place.

Step 2- Start pulling the French plaits loosely so they are not so tight. Then using your bobby pins take one end of your plait and grip it under the opposite plait remembering to not have the end of the plait on show.

Step 3- Once completed to both sides use your bobby pins to grip any hair left out.


Video 3- French Plait Top Knot Bun.

Step 1- Using Refresh dust to create more of a base to French plait your hair take your pin tail comb and section the middle part of your hair at the front of your hair.

Step 2- French plait your section until you reach half way and then tie with a band. Using your comb again to back comb the pony tail remaining part of the plait. Place a band around the hair to create your messy bun and use bobby pins to keep bun secure.

Step 3- For a more volume effect back comb parts of the remaining hair left down. Finish off using a hairspray for a longer lasting look.

Watch our video tutorials to see all 3 Hairstyles.